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تدعوكم الجمعية العضو AIE SERVE للمشاركة بنشاط إضاءة المصابيح، وذلك،

الزمان: الخميس 22 أيار 2014

المكان: الرملة البيضاء

للمزيد من المعلومات يرجى الإطلاع على الدعوة مرفقة.


Dear Friends,


The Aie Serve AUB Club is organizing a Lantern Lighting Event on Ramlet il Bayda this Thursday at 6:30pm.


The event will be full of fun, good wishes, and fundraising for 3 NGOs. So I invite you all to join me and all the Aie Servians in this event.


Below are more details by the organizers:


Join us for a one of a kind awesome fundraiser where we will gather to release as many sky lanterns as we can and wish the best for our dear country. Since "actions speak louder than words", all profits will go to dedicated NGOs that are deeply engaged in community service. Name it "A WISH MARATHON"!! The more we are, the more charity work is supported! And just around sunset we will set our wishes free! You may bring friends, family and loved ones as each lantern needs two persons to launch! Double the fun!!


Date: Thursday May 22, 2014

Time: Preparations start at 6:30 pm

Place: Remalet El Bayda

Ticket: 10,000 LL per person.


Profits will go to:

  • FoodBlessed
  • Remy Rbeiz Young Heart Foundation
  • Spring of life


You can purchase your ticket on ihjoz following the link (choose to pay by card or at any OMT branch):


Or personally from Alt City, Montreal Building, Hamra St., above Beirut Bank.

Smartech, Koraytem Highyway, next to Pain D'or, facing Blom Bank.


If you would like to volunteer and take part in this unique experience, kindly fill the following form ASAP:


Don't forget to checkout the event on Facebook:



See you there and feel free to spread the word, bring family and friends as well!


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